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New Sincerity Works


New Sincerity works is a collection of several veteran Ohio musicians that have know each other for decades.

Mike Tittel Songwriter, singer and other instruments.
Mike has played with Roger Klug Power Trio and The Loud Family.

Roger Klug Guitars and singing. 
Roger performs and is in high demand all over but notably performs in his own Roger Kug Power Trio and The Willies in way back days.

Greg Tudor Live drums, singing, and pedal steel.
Greg is a multi-instrumentalist and plays with Kari Klara and Roger Klug Power Trio.

Bob Nyswonger  Bass and singing.
Bob performs in and with the legendary pyschodots, The Bears, Adrian Belew, The Raisins, and nowadays in Tickled Pink.

Mike Landis guitars, keyboards and singing
Mike produces, engineers and was in the band The Great Modern.

Lauren Bray Singing and keyboards.
Lauren has espoused being in a band until now.

The record was produced by Mike Tittel at Fruit Hill and mixed by Mike Landis at Raw Sugar Sound. It was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.


Cover art by Aaron Morse.


Record is being released in late September by Butter Records.