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News & Reviews

Side Stage Magazine Reviews Wonder Lust

Michael Tittel

New Sincerity Works got their start in 2014. Creative genius Mike Tittel created it, an ex-Loud Family member, current drummer for Roger Klug Power Trio, photographer, artist, and music producer. Aside from Tittel, who writes, Sings, and plays Guitar, Drums, and Keyboards for this band, and on this album, the band also consists of Roger Klug on guitar and vocals; Lauren Bray on vocals and keyboards; Greg Tudor on drums, vocals, pedal steel; Bob Nyswonger on bass and vocals; and Mike Landis on guitar, keyboards, and mixing.

Wonder Lust is a great album that has so many different sounds all meshed into one. When you first begin listening to this album you’ll get a 90s vibe from the music, hearing songs and vocals reminiscent of stuff from creatives like Matthew Sweet. However, you’ll hear such a meshing of sounds that it will be hard to pinpoint one particular genre to fit this band into. From Americana to indie-pop and 80s synth new wave to the experimental music so popular right now. All genres that play well together and create an album that is addicting. 

You can find the full album on Amazon. Get it on CD or download it.

“I’ve Got You” has twangy vocals that are addicting, especially since they’re connected to an alternative, indie-pop sounding song. The vocals definitely rocket this album up past five-stars. 

“Just Like Vapor” is the stand-out song on the album, which has ten songs total. It’s a spacey song with some very cool echo effects. It’s Rush meets indie-pop. It also has a great guitar solo that will have you wishing it was the 80s again. Check out the video for this one here: