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News & Reviews

The Celebrity Cafe Reviews Wonder Lust

Michael Tittel


Rockers New Sincerity Works hits all the right notes with love-drenched album, ‘Wonder Lust’

What is so legitimate about the New Sincerity Works band moniker is that at its core it is a departure from the warped, cold, hard and unfeeling world of corporate America.  Behind the story to the band’s name, the band’s founder, Mike Tittel says:  “New sincerity is a legit post-modern aversion to cynicism and skepticism.  It’s a movement of sorts.  I thought this described my creative compass really well.  I think the best songs are universal and descriptive or genuine emotion, so the name fit my idea of this project.  It is also a reference to Austin bands I loved in the nineties, like The Reivers.”

Formed in the summer of 2014, New Sincerity Works consists of Mike Tittel (songs, singing, drums, keyboards), Roger Klug (guitar, singing), Lauren Bray (singing, keyboards), Greg Tudor (drums, singing, pedal steel), Bob Nyswonger (bass, singing), and Mike Landis (guitar, keyboards).

New Sincerity Works’ brand of rock music brings to the fold an interesting inlay of melodic rock, pop-infused songs that traces frantic playing, frenzied combination of vocals, a riff-raff of fuzzed out guitars, and synth-heavy based tracks.

Their new album, Wonder Lust, basically follows this pattern of aggressively sugared pop/rock collection of songs.  The record opens up with, “I’ve Got You,” filled with warbling synths and a soaring feel to the track.  The over-the-top sounds coming from the acoustic guitar gives off an intoxicating indie-rock vibe.  The great wash of melodic guitars, reverberating guitar riffs, and harmonious waves of vocals add an addicting pop cadence to the overall grainy feel of the track.  About finding someone who will be their anchor and rock, this warm track infuses an airy sense to the overall rock vibe.

“Just Like Vapor” starts out with a great electric vibe on the guitars.  The balanced rock sound is imbued with an enthused indie flavor.  The electric guitar could be heard mid-track.  The song oscillates between a rock paved sound to an electronic and synth-based cadence.  The great flares of electronic modes on the track might remind one of some space-inspired beats.

“Love To Love The Love” begins with some epic spiraling guitars that is sweeping in its entirety.  The harmonious sounds with its melodic interworking on the guitar and reverb-drenched vocals make for an infectious vibe on this softer sounding ballad.

“Midwest Reverie” is a simple song interlaced by the now familiar stellar twangs of guitar and vocals.  The sparse arrangement has the track gradually pick up with some fast and vibrant drums.  This song, soaked with nostalgia leans towards a more melancholy bent.

“Without Us” is filled with a great array of atmospheric sounds.  Ambient synths, moody guitars and the combination of howling vocals go on to introduce a couple who have proven they are a good team and doesn’t know what to do without each other.  Radio-active guitar solos go on to feed into the amped feel of the track.  A great pop/rock anthem with a soaring electronic vibe, the harmonious vocals interwoven together really go on to create a dynamic layered effect.

“Find A Way Home” contains soaring synths and some rocking guitars backed with the twang of synths.  This track is a great coalescing of rocks sounds.  The great vibe is paved with a long intro with the vocals starting in with its reverberating quality.  With a retro ’80s vibe to the track, New Sincerity Works has concocted a New Wave/psychedelic approach to their sound on this song.  About keeping your memories close even though the distance may grow over time, the track carries some really great tunes and inviting harmonies.

“The Company We Keep” continues with a melodious pop sound.  With a great flow to this track, this intoxicating rock song follows through with the clashing of fuzzed out guitars, drums and energetic synths.

The title-track, “Wonder Lust” is a fully charged song with a definite amped feel.  Dressed in melodic harmonic refrains, the careening of drums and a cascading wall of guitars, the pop cadence on this moving track is invigorating.  Filled with a positive message, the feel-good song tells its listeners to stay motivated and to always attempt to go down the path less trodden.

The love lore themes are still heavy on such tracks like on the resonating, sleepy ballad, “To Be Kissed Like That” that erupts with the twang of acoustic guitar, and the heavy strumming interrupted intermittently by the flaring of synths on the song, “Hearts Transplant.”

New Sincerity Works’ love drunken revelries are concocted through a veil of vibrant choruses, harmonious playing and renderings that could be best described as a “journey of intoxicating rock music.”

Wonder Lust is an album that taps into the fundamentals of love as an emotion and as a mode of living.  The band’s genuine style and copious imaginations are honed in these 10 excellent songs about madly falling in love, falling out of love, hearts, lips, lust, and overall love.  Though not necessarily love songs, these songs are indefinitely about love.

A great web of intricate sounds filled with the glaze of gossamer cadences, New Sincerity Works is a band unafraid to utilize acoustic instruments as well as digital production into their music.  Wonder Lust is a record filled with a warm sound dressed in the familiar pluckings of acoustic instrumentation as well as electronic nodes and synths.

New Sincerity Works’ hazy and dreamy works of artistic merit are driven by the combined harmonies of frenzied singing, the warmth of acoustic instruments, and with the technological help of electronic beats and ambient synths make them one of this year’s must-listens.  Be sure you give these set of love themed songs a listen today.  They will definitely be worth your while!