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Nowadays. The new record.

Nowadays is the new record by New Sincerity Works released in 2015 on butter records.

Nowadays is New Sincerity Work's second album written and recorded nine months after their debut record "44" released in the spring of 2014. Nowadays was performed by Cincinnatians Mike Tittel, Roger Klug, Bob Nyswonger, Mike Landis, Greg Tudor and Tom White. Additionally Scott Covrette, Jon Roket and Pat O'Callaghan contributed to the songs. The album was recorded at Tittel's house in Fruit Hill Ohio and it was mixed by Mike Landis.

Nowadays is the second record by the band.

If NSW was a concept band about life and love and if the debut "44" was the expression of raw heart ache and pain, Nowadays is the dense, neutral, reflective rock album about moving on, singing songs and thriving up in here. Of course the band isn't a concept band so maybe this is just speculation of what the music is about. And the record does not yet inhabit the sunny space that would deliver 2016's great summer single. That much is probably obvious.

What is very obvious is the music showcases a more assured New Sincerity Works and a more confident Tittel who tried harder to sing professionally, this time around. "I was aware we were making a record. Which I wasn't really aware of during the previous record. I also realized that people might actually listen to this. I tried to add value where I could. I'm certainly more likely to share this one as there are less obvious moments of messiness and bad singing." 

Albums as a way to document a moment in time, in life and in Fruit Hill.

The winter of 2015 was the coldest in recent Ohio history. The record reflects a warmth that could only be achieved through songs that exude a fondness and awareness of the bitter and the sweet. The music is thicker and layered. It wears a sweater.  And the band delivers rock, punch and depth that comes through after having  played some shows together and the acquisition of bourbon that was leveraged during the recording process. Tittel explains; "The five of us had clearer roles this time round. But the recording process is not quite yet a band rocking out live. It is still largely me, working around everyone's busy schedules. But when I got them to Fruit Hill they really did deliver the goods.The songs we've played live tend to really rock out. Which is always what you want."

Some of our favorite songs.

Well first off it's an album. So its best listened to from start to finish, loudly. But there is ear candy galore here. Try "Learning to Walk" and "The Upside to Being Down" if you want to hear radio ready stuff. There tears await you in "Our Room Shares a Door" for those prone to such emotions. And there's even something bright for those great ones we can't get enough of.  "Champion!" celebrates the best of the human race. It's new. It's fresh. It's New Sincerity Works.

See the first video from the new record.



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