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Electronic Press Kit

Press Kit

Photograph by Michael Wilson

Photograph by Michael Wilson



Label: Butter Records
Booking: Mike Tittel: or phone 513-687-7405
Genre: Indie Guitar-driven, Melodic Synth Pop
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Sound Like: The Replacements, Rogue Wave, New Pornographers, Spoon
High Resolution Press Photos:  DOWNLOAD (50 MB ZIP)
Download the latest record Wonder Lust:  DOWNLOAD (MP3 & WAV 580 MB ZIP)

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Mike Tittel  Songs, singing, guitar and other stuff
Mike has played with Roger Klug Power Trio, The Loud Family, Beer and Pidgin.

Roger Klug Guitar and singing
Roger Klug Power Trio, The Willies, Bagzoid Brothers and a featured artist with the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra.

Greg Tudor Drums and singing
Roger Klug Power Trio, Cari Clara and Beer.

Bob Nyswonger Bass and singing
Tickled Pink, The Psychodots, The Bears, Bucket, The Raisins, Adrian Belew, The Graveblankets and The Blue Birds. 

Mike Landis Guitar, keyboards, singing, mixing and engineering
Cover Model, Promenade and The Great Modern. 

Lauren Bray Singing and keyboards


New Sincerity Works was formed in the summer of 2014 by creative powerhouse Mike Tittel (ex-Loud Family, current drummer for Roger Klug Power Trio, photographer, artist, and music producer). The songs combine modest, heart on your sleeve themes with indie-pop, Americana, and 1980's guitar/synth driven new wave. A decidedly familiar, yet fresh presentation keeps melody and driving urgent rock close at hand. The band has invited comparisons to a second distant cousin of Alex Chilton as well as Guided By Voices, Paul Westerberg, Phoenix, and The Postal Service. Perhaps best summarized by a fan from North Carolina "The music is like hearing your best friend sing. And who wouldn't want to hear that?” The band has released three albums, most notably  2017’s “Wonder Lust” which garnered rave reviews from the independent music press. The band has played packed houses at MOTR, The Woodward and The Drinkery in Cincinnati Ohio. The band is currently recording their fourth record at Fruit Hill Studios and performing acoustic and full band shows.


Photograph by Brandon Wheeler

Photograph by Brandon Wheeler


“A pleasant, refreshing and at times, unexpected trek down the rabbit hole of late 80’s lushness and alternative, power-pop guitar driven bliss. Like bands such as The Talking Heads and The Cars, New Sincerity Works is bursting with the potential to completely rewrite the book of what alternative should be; or what its limitations are.” ALTERNATIVE NATION

“New Sincerity Works sounds like the name of a cult but fear not, they’re actually a pretty good rock band that counts Spoon and New Pornographers among their influences. Like both of those bands, NSW’s songs are driven by warm and punchy melodies.” Huffington Post

“It reminds me of Big Star. It's like if OK GO didn't suck…it's like The Shins without the pretense. A perfect mix of power pop and folk-rock. It's summoning all the best things Wilco ever did…a pretty fucking perfect album." NOW HEAR THIS MUSIC

"The sextet’s music is correspondingly buoyant to bursting, yet meticulously constructed with the same artistry as the lovely sleeve art, presenting luxuriously-produced indie rock, new wave, Game Theory/Posies power pop, 6/8 Britpop swayers, and Midwestern Wilco roots-pop."  THE BIG TAKE OVER MAGAZINE

"New Sincerity Works picks up where tri-monikered bands (Apples In Stereo) left off in tone of both guitar and sentiment, though taking a decidedly more warped route to get there. Nostalgic and galactic all the same, Wonder Lust perfectly captures studio frustration-cum-triumph." MOXIPOP

"Power-pop, Americana, and space-rock all vie for dominance, but settle for synergistic co-existence on the heartfelt and uplifting Wonder Lust."DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY