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Ten songs about hearts, lips, Kentucky on Ohio and the comings and goings of the luster, lore and lure of love and lust. The pensive and lush third album was recorded in the band’s Fruit Hill studio and will be released September 19, 2017 on Butter Records. Originally written to accompany a book of photographs, the band's third record is big on melody, guitars and synthesizers. It was produced by band leader Mike Tittel, mixed by Mike Landis and mastered by legendary Greg Calbi. Features Mike Tittel, Bob Nyswonger, Roger Klug, Mike Landis and Lauren Bray.

Cover art by Aaron Morse.




Nowadays is the dense, neutral, reflective rock album about moving on, singing songs and thriving up in here. This second album was written and recorded nine months after their debut record "44". Nowadays was performed by Cincinnatians Mike Tittel, Roger Klug, Bob Nyswonger, Mike Landis, Greg Tudor and Tom White. Additionally Scott Covrette, Jon Roket and Pat O'Callaghan contributed to the songs.

The tunes are bitter sweet, layered with melody and guaranteed to make you sing along, clap your hands and get all choked up. Try it on a road trip! 

Cover photograph by Simon Kossoff.






"44" is the debut album from Cincinnati Ohio's New Sincerity Works. The music is guitar driven alt-pop that reflects the realization that life is an uncontrollable ride. Recorded in the spring of 2014 with lo-fi urgency, "44" showcases pop melodies that meet Americana and 80's new wave music in a raw, emotional mashup. These heart on your sleeve vignettes will make you clap, smile and cry at the same time. We've all been there and these songs will make you realize it. Pull up a chair, pour a drink and meet some new friends called New Sincerity Works.

Cover photograph by Jack Simon.